Edited Volume: Best Practices Implementing Modern Treaties in Canada

National Research Project

How are LCAC members implementing their treaties to reflect their unique cultures, circumstances, and treaty understandings? Indigenous governments in Canada have developed innovative, creative, high quality programs, services, and processes to implement modern treaties.

The Modern Treaties Implementation Research Project Principal Investigator Dr. Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox and Lands Co-Lead Dr. John B Zoe will edit a book about ways that LCAC members are implementing Treaties.  The book will prioritize and amplify Indigenous government and practitioner voices. It will consist of chapters co/written by LCAC practitioners about their best practices and innovations in Treaty implementation. The research team will undertake research of publicly available information and academic literature to assist practitioners with the development of chapters, and offer any other assistance requested.

We hope to have all LCAC member governments contribute to this volume, and look forward to working with LCAC members to produce an amazing compendium of best practices in Treaty Implementation as a valuable resource to LCAC members, negotiating nations, and for educating future generations. It is expected that this volume will attract national and international attention as a significant contribution to the academic and practitioner knowledge about treaty implementation in Canada.

Assistance with writing, and with documenting creative approaches to showcasing unique programs of LCAC members governments, will be provided.

Interviews will begin September 2020 and continue until March 2021. A draft volume for review and approval by contributors will b completed by summer of 2021, with a goal of Fall 2021 publication.

This project is approved by Carleton University. Contributors and their organizations will be provided with draft letters of consent, which must be completed to participate. Interview guides and information gathered by the team about each organization’s unique chapter focus will be provided. The research team will work collaboratively with each interview participant to develop chapters for inclusion, and to ensure that participating organizations retain control of their research data, and that the research will also contribute to their internal use as desired.