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Modern Treaty Implementation Research Project

Modern treaties are difficult to negotiate, and are just as challenging to implement. The Modern Treaty Implementation Research Project brings together researchers from across Canada who will work alongside land claim practitioners from members of the Land Claims Agreements Coalition, on a national, six-year $2.5 million SSHRC Partnership Grant that hopes to change this, undertaking research that aims to assist Indigenous governments, Indigenous communities and other policy makers to improve modern treaty implementation. The project will produce diverse and nuanced understandings of modern treaty implementation, act as a powerful and transformative basis for critiquing and innovating treaty implementation approaches, and ensure Canada fulfills its obligations.

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News and Events

February 13, 2020

Special Issue of Northern Public Affairs on Modern Treaty Implementation Research

This special issue of Northern Public Affairs is intended to present a number of responses to the challenges of modern treaty implementation across Canada.  These essays in this issue present the...

January 21, 2020

Yukon: Land Claim Creators Reunite

Indigenous Yukon leaders met to discuss how to pass on the spirit and intent of the Umbrella Final Agreement to future generations. The discussion centered around boiling down the 295 page...